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Saturday, April 30, 2011



Meet Pollo, my Slick Back Angora bunny. He is the cutest bunny on the block. I don't think he sneaks around hiding eggs but he reminds me that the little ones and the big ones need holding and stroking and even though they seem independent, they always appreciate unconditional bunny love. In my world, Easter is an excuse to get some more bunnies in our midst whether they be stuffed, wooden, edible or alive.


schulana angora
Schulana Angora

100% Angora yarn. in a worsted weight. Perfect for baby booties or any accessory far away from the nose.

jamie harmon
Jamie Harmon Yarns

Merino Wool and Angora blend 2-ply and single ply yarn. Hand spun and dyed in Vermont.
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wood bunnies

felt bunnies

Wooden Bunnies

Hand carved and painted woodenbunnies from Germany

Felt Bunnies

All natural wool felt bunnies from Germany

laundry bag

bunny frame

Vintage laundry bag

Appliqued with a bunny and a bird

Pewter Bunny Frame
bunny cups

Bunny Cups

Hand made in Brooklyn, these cups are perfect for drinking or holding your tools and notions.


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